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LearningWhy provides complete K-12 Project-Based and Personalized Lessons vetted and editable to meet your needs.  We are located at  South Carolina ETV, 1041 George Rogers Boulevard, Columbia, South Carolina, 29201, USA. This website is provided strictly for K-12 educators of South Carolina. Personal Information Collection ETV does not collect information from users that would allow us to personally identify them unless that information is volunteered by the user. Our Web site contains a "Contact Us" button to allow site users to ask questions or to make comments, recommendations, or suggestions. Use of IP Addresses Whenever you surf the Web, your computer can be identified by its IP address. This is a unique number assigned to your computer. Your name or specific location cannot be determined from your IP address. South Carolina ETV uses a program called Google Analytics to analyze information concerning how many people are using LearningWhy.org. We track where they go within the site and when they are using it. We will use this information to create messages and materials in the future so that we can more effectively reach and serve teachers in South Carolina. Use of Cookies LearningWhy.org does not use cookies in the transfer of information from our server to your computer. However, we make no claim as to the use of cookies by Web sites to which we link directly. You may generally contact the individual Webmasters of the sites in question if you wish to ascertain cookie usage. Links to Other Sites LearningWhy.org is not a self-contained Web site. It features links to educational content on the World Wide Web that we feel are beneficial to include in LearningWhy.org. While we can assure you that any personal information actively given or passively received by South Carolina ETV through the Web site is protected and safe from outside parties, we cannot ensure equal safety and protection from other sites outside of LearningWhy.org. Care has been taken to review Web sites to which we provide direct links. If you should ever find questionable content linked from LearningWhy.org, or feel that we have made an oversight in our screening process, please immediately notify any of the South Carolina ETV staff members listed below. Disclosure of Information We do not disclose any user information (e-mail, IP address, or any other information volunteered) to any parties, public or private, for any purpose. We will not use the information ourselves to contact the user unless he or she specifically requested that we do so. We will not use any information collected about our users to directly market or promote items to them. South Carolina ETV and LearningWhy.org cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online and you do so at your own risk. LearningWhy.org Policy Contacts Collection of information and responses to inquiries are handled by the following staff: ETV Education Services 800-277-3245LearningWhy@scetv.org